Another Way of Looking at the Arizona Tragedy

by Lynn Vogel on Sunday, January 9, 2011

A full day after the lunatic in Tuscon lashed out against innocents I still have trouble locating all of the facts of the story. It may be several days yet before the dust settles and truth is more clearly defined. What was immediately apparent is that many were eager to use the tragedy as a platform for finger pointing at entire groups of Americans.
This shooter does not represent a group, he was just a psycho that acted either on his own or with one other psycho. The liberals do not seek to train or empower such people and neither do those of us on the right. Sometimes a nut is just a nut.
The irresponsible socialist liberals in our media were immediately ranting about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party people for instigating this mans acts. Within hours it became obvious the gunman is a lefty but the attacks against the right continued. It is disgusting to see how this is playing out but everyone is writing about that so I’ll not be redundant.
Throughout the day the news came to me in a scrambled mess of tidbits and rumors. While the details were sketchy, the reaction was very clear. I get info and contacts from all across this nation, from both the right and left. We get hundreds of emails daily and yesterday was more than we could process. The trends were surprising. It was not just the media monkeys blaming Sarah, the Tea Parties and the right in general. It was almost every lefty I heard from. Regular people-on-the-street type liberals. Almost immediately we began to receive messages asking if I was proud of our right wing terrorists etc. The response from the left was to blame us and demand more controls on our speech and gun Rights. They instantly sought to use the unfolding news as leverage for limiting our Constitutional Rights.
We also received many messages from those who are solidly on the right. The difference in the tone was amazing. My friends on the right were reminding all to pray for the victims. They were asking everyone to remember there were more victims than the 2 high profile public figures. They were offering heartfelt condolences to the family members of all and many were horribly shattered by the death of the poor little 9 year old girl, Christina-Taylor Green. A few were politicizing it but very few. Most were warning about jumping to conclusions before the facts were straight. While the socialists were fanning the flames of division the Con-Pats were calling for patience and sanity.
So, the left was ranting and positioning for use of the tragedy while the right was praying and offering condolences. Once again I was reminded of why I am proud to be an active member of the right.
I thank-you all for the decency shown when it mattered. I am proud to live in a nation that produces such people. I am proud to call them friends.
Other crimes of a political nature may occur because the tension level in this nation is extremely high. I hope not but this is a big nation with many crazy people. In times of national tragedy it is manifest that we allow the better angels of our nature guide us. We cannot let events snowball past their beginnings.
The talking heads are now trying to decide what this crime says about our nation. I have yet to hear one get it right. What this tells me about our nation is the tension is building to the point where the nuts can no longer take it. One of our weak links just snapped.
This is life in Obama’s America, “Obamica.” The socialist liberals who desire the destruction of our capitalist system and Constitutional Republic have a their man in the White House and they know if they fail now they may never see such an opportunity again. The rebellion against Obama’s change is building to a roar and this is very troubling for them. They are feeling threatened and the fear is turning into anger in many of them. That is what gave us the Tuscon tragedy.
The Con-Pats are worried too and they have good reason to be. They are finally starting to realize that the elections of 2010 were too little, too late. Congress may be able to slowly chip around the edges of Obama’s accomplishments but it will be a long bitter battle of limited success. Meanwhile, Obama is still busy and the dismantling of our economy, Rights, our oil industry and national security continue. This truth is creating a great deal of stress for Patriots and when people look for a solution, none seem to be available. Waiting for 2012 is all they’ve got and too much permanent damage can occur long before then. Thus, the fear and anger from the right builds too.
This is Obama’s America. For a man who was elevated as a hotshot community organizer, he is absolutely failing in organizing or uniting this country. Obama’s America is one where all people are now under a great deal of stress regarding the future. He is extremely, and deliberately divisive yet he is not able to bring a sense of hope to either side of America’s social fabric. Everyone is tense. Everyone is unhappy with the current status of this nation, Obama’s America is a shambles.
The situation is bad and needs a strong confident leader advising calm and providing a vision for better times to come. Instead, Obama makes completely foolish incendiary comments such as a Republican win would bring hand to hand combat at the Capital. He also met with black community and religious leaders in September and advised them to go to their neighborhoods and tell all to be ready to “guard the change” as Republican seek to unravel his destructive policies. This sort of nonsense coming from any national figure is irresponsible. Coming from a sitting President they are dangerous. To carelessly use terms that a nut can misconstrue as a call to violence is absolutely unacceptable from a President. Obama’s America is a powder keg. We just witnessed an eruption and the next few news cycles will be spent investigating where the spark came from. I think it is more important to ask how we became a powder keg and what can be done to back us out of the situation. Why is our wonderful nation now in such a state of confusion and fear? The sounds of gunfire are now silent in Tuscon but the tensions and concerns that become over-powering for the crazy few are still in place.
This is Obama’s America.

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Lynn Vogel We do not normally write Daily Updates for our site, but after the tragedy this weekend it seemed appropriate. This is that update. We had to do it because even Fox News is missing the truth about this shooting. There things that must be said and the big picture always matters.

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