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Tomason introduced Norm Chompsky:  ACritiqueofMadisonianDemocracy Apr4,1997
Mr. Chomsky examined the principle and practice of democracy in the U.S. over the past 200 years. He argued that the democratic order encapsulated in the Constitution, principally by James Madison, declared the right to own property as the preeminent foundation of the social order and was therefore designed to protect those who owned property by ensuring their control over the government. He also argued that this system has not evolved to include broader segments of the population, as some have claimed, but has made possible the development of industrial capitalism which depends on governmental largesse and exploits the bulk of the population. After his remarks, he took questions from the audience.

This from Tufts:

“Audrey Tomason worked as Americorps*VISTA and Associate at ACCION International after Tufts. She is attending the Kennedy School’s master’s in public policy program and is scheduled to graduate in 2003.”

The Executive Office of the President doesn’t have a listing for her position or title, even under the National Security Council page. “Director for Counterterrorism” sounds like a big job, doesn’t it? I get it that this might be someone who has good reason to have a low profile, but since they’ve released the photo, you have to assume this is not a clandestine employee. Odd lack of media curiosity.

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In this piece about photo editors thoughts on the pic, this was interesting:

Scott Dadich, former creative director, Wired
“It’s phenomenal, isn’t it? There’s nothing scripted about this photo. Everyone is purely focused on the matter at hand. And absorbing it, processing it. You can see 10 years of tension and heartache and anger in Hillary’s face. And the woman peeking over the guy’s shoulder? That’s to me the power of the moment. The cramming in. I don’t know who she is. But when you have the nexus of power in the Western world and who is that woman getting to peek in there and share this moment in history? I’m sure she is important but it feels like a stripping down of position here. Everyone is equal.”

More interesting stuff here:

http://thusbloggedanderson.blogspot.com/2011/05/tomason-again.html http://www.thetotalcollapse.com/us-tells-russia-that-time-for-%e2%80%9capocalypse-equation%e2%80%9d-is-now/

None of this explains WHO she is but why does a young, unknown need to have her past scrubbed?

Audrey Tomason: Situation Room Mystery Woman


There’s fleetingly little information about the woman standing just feet from the president in what has become an iconic photo of the Situation Room during the raid on Osama bin Laden. Daniel Stone investigates Audrey Tomason’s sparse record. Plus: full coverage of Osama bin Laden’s death.
The photo has been seen on front pages around the world: President Obama in the White House Situation Room watching the Osama bin Laden raid with the most recognizable faces in American government and counterterrorism.
Except one.
Who’s the woman peeking her head from the back? A White House caption for the photo identifies her as Audrey Tomason with title “Director for Counterterrorism.” But in a room full of oft-cited and quoted people, there’s fleetingly little published information about who she is or what she does for the administration.
The presence of Tomason is notable for a few reasons. Next to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she’s the only other woman pictured in the testosterone-filled room. And she appears to be the only person under 40. But what matters most is that she is standing just a few feet from the president, who is otherwise surrounded by his closest advisers, as they watch one of the country’s highest-stakes operations in decades as it occurs in real time.
When The Daily Beast asked the White House press office about Tomason, an official said she worked with the National Security Council, a White House agency closely involved with the intelligence that led to bin Laden. The official intimated that the White House generally doesn’t discuss personnel at any of the government’s covert or intelligence agencies. Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the NSC, confirmed she worked with the agency. When asked why she had never been identified or mentioned before, Vietor responded “Well, we’ve never killed bin Laden before.”

“There are trace details floating around the Internet about Tomason; trying to figure out who she is has become a sort of Web parlor game.”
There are trace details floating around the Internet about Tomason; trying to figure out who she is has become a sort of Web parlor game She is said to have gone to Tufts University and earned her masters at Harvard’s Kennedy School. (Harvard and Tufts did not immediately respond to inquiries but we’ll update the story as soon as we hear back.) One corner of the Internet suggests she is 34, but the number couldn’t be confirmed. She also didn’t appear to be active on any major social networks. When the Beast tried to reach her Tuesday afternoon at her office, no one answered the phone.
The image shows a white-knuckle moment: a resolute and stone-faced President Obama and a level of organization and discipline among his team. But could it have outed a sensitive national security employee? “You can make a reasonable deduction that she’s a member of the intelligence community,” says Michael Barrett, a national security expert and principal at strategy firm Diligent Innovations. “Is that a story [the White House] wants to put out there in public? The fact that we can see her face could potentially jeopardize her career.”
Daniel Stone is Newsweek’s White House correspondent. He also covers national energy and environmental policy. http://news.yahoo.com/s/dailybeast/20110503/ts_dailybeast/13869_audreytomasonwhoisthemysterywomaninthesituationroomwithobama

Obama’s Director for Counter Terrorism – Audry Tomason definitely an evil entity

According to Ms Tomason’s “Apocalypse Equation” the “sustainable population” of our world can only be 1.5 billion human beings, as compared to the United Nations estimate of 7 billion we will reach on October 31st of this year, and the even worse figure of 10 billion estimated by 2100.

Ms Tomason argues in her thesis that our world’s population has been “artificially inflated” for the past nearly 100 years by a “non-sustainable” petrochemical and fossil fuel based global economy that if left “unchecked” could very well destroy all life on Earth, not just human beings.

Ms Tomason states in her thesis that any population suffering an economic collapse and reverting to “Basic Needs” will be “ungovernable” and pose “tremendous risks” to the state leading to “wholesale breakdown of law and order.”

Ms Tomason further argues in her “Apocalypse Equation” thesis that since the collapse of civilization as we know it is “inevitable,” world leaders should consider the possibility of “mass genocide” to reduce our world’s population to a more “sustainable level commensurate with our Earth’s resources.”

The chilling genocidal scenario envisioned by Ms Tomason begins with a “limited nuclear conflict” targeted at major population centers, but designed to limit the fallout of radiation. Next would be the release of toxic chemical and biological agents she suggests could be blamed on “terrorist entities” to be followed by forced mass migration of populations to more “sustainable living environments.”

Ms Tomason envisions these “sustainable living environments” as being large population centers with mass transit systems where no personal vehicles would be allowed and the rural areas would be completely depopulated except for government run agricultural “systems.”

Prior to the initiation of these apocalyptic events Ms Tomason argues for the establishment of government run and protected “concentration camps” where “persons of worth” can be protected while the masses of their fellow citizens die by the millions and billions. Those deemed “persons of worth” would include scientists, doctors, technical specialist, etc.

P.S. Audrey Tomason plans include the genocide of 4.5 billion people through “controlled” nuclear war and the remainder cleaned out with biological and chemical weapons.

For anyone who may have missed it, Larry Grathwohl on Ayers’ plan for American re-education camps and the need to kill millions…


It’s like an IN YOUR FACE THING to include Audrey Tomason in the Situation Room photo. She has no security experience anyway. Oh yeah, she’s a radical. That qualifies her to be in the administration. After reading about her thesis for mass genocide I feel there is no hope. Nuclear and biological weapons off everywhere killing off invalids blaming the terrorists because the so-called terrorists say it’s revenge for killing Osama.


A chilling report on the phone call held between President’s Medvedev and Obama prior to the public announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed says that also discussed by the American President with the Kremlin was that the much feared time for the dreaded “Apocalypse Equation” may be now, not later.

The “Apocalypse Equation” refers to report authored by one of the most secretive women in US intelligence circles named Audrey Tomason [photo top left in White House Situation Room during the assault on bin Laden compound] who is Obama’s Director for Counterterrorism and while attending Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government wrote a master thesis [now classified by the US as “top-secret”] suggesting that it would be more humane for our world to undergo a “planned and controlled genocide” rather than to see it descend into the abyss of chaos it is now entering.

According to Ms Tomason’s “Apocalypse Equation” the “sustainable population” of our world can only be 1.5 billion human beings, as compared to the United Nations estimate of 7 billion we will reach on October 31st of this year, and the even worse figure of 10 billion estimated by 2100.

Ms Tomason argues in her thesis that our world’s population has been “artificially inflated” for the past nearly 100 years by a “non-sustainable” petrochemical and fossil fuel based global economy that if left “unchecked” could very well destroy all life on Earth, not just human beings.

Independent reports, unfortunately, strongly back Ms Tomason’s dire warnings with one of the most disturbing graphics [2nd photo left] produced by the PostPeakLiving.Com research group showing that, indeed, our world’s population has grown more since the use of petrochemicals than in all of its previous history.

Important to note about petroleum [otherwise known as crude oil] is that is a naturally occurring, flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons that underpins the entire global economy and which without life as we know it would not exist.

Most people believe that the major use petroleum is for the fueling of vehicles, boats and aircraft through its distillation into various fuels such as gasoline (petrol), diesel, jet fuel, and the like, but they couldn’t be more mistaken as the major use of oil is in agriculture as nearly all pesticides, and many fertilizers, are made from it.

And the most critical fact facing our world today, as Ms Tomason’s thesis points out, is that the “oil boom” of the last century is not only over, the fight by nation-states to preserve our Earth’s dwindling supplies for themselves threatens global war on a scale never before seen in human history, and which, in fact, have already begun as the energy starved West continues to launch new wars to protect themselves from economic collapse.

Most amazing to note about our world’s present predicament in regards to oil is that is one of the longest “slow motion train wrecks” in history as since 1956, it has been warned about.

In fact, it was in 1956 that the great Royal Dutch Shell geoscientist Marion King Hubbert (1903-1989) warned in his presentation to the American Petroleum Institute that our world was running out of oil and that the “peak” production of oil in the United States would be reached in 1970 and for the rest of the world in the first decade of the 21st century.

To visually illustrate his warning he created the now famous “Hubbert Curve” [4th photo left] that since its 1956 release has proved 100% accurate with the peak of global oil discoveries occurring in 1963 and the US, indeed, reaching the peak of its production in 1970.

At this point it is important to understand that nearly all Western governments continue to propagate their decade’s long deception to their citizens over the grave state our world is in with regards to oil and energy.

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  3. Martin says:

    Peak oil is a myth. My brother is geophysical engineer who finds oil deposits and logs content of deposit. He reports that oil wells he logged 30 years ago til emptied and became dry wells are now refilling with new oil. He’s going back to log those “dry” wells. All professionals in his field KNOW for a certainty that Peak Oil is a myth and oil is a renewable resource. “Fossil” fuel is a misnomer. Everyone can calm down about the oil resources; use it conservatively, allow discovery of new modes of energy and we’ll all be fine. As for those crazy eugenicists….let them go first!


  4. Toaster802 says:

    Quoted and linked at http://greenmnts.blogspot.com/2011/05/and-we-are-considered-terrorists.html

    Thank you for exposing this horror. Now we shall see if Americans are smart enough to act on the information and freeze this monster out of any government position she can act though to make her horror story come true.

    Also added to my blogroll. Thanks again!


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