Sudden Jihad Syndrome – Samira Abdalla Salim, MN, stabs library patron

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Police: Woman Stabs 2 Outside Bloomington Library

June 2, 2011 5:46 PM

Reporting Rachel Slavik

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO): Two people were stabbed in a seemingly random attack at a Twin Cities library.

After the incident Wednesday night at the Oxboro Library in Bloomington, 35-year-old Samira Abdalla Salim was arrested.

Salim was no stranger to the Oxboro Library. She had a reputation for handing out the Koran and talking religion outside the building.

“They had some issues with her harassing other patrons,” said Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehlik.

But it’s what investigators say she did on Wednesday night that surprised everyone.

“I never thought she would do that. [Well, really, who does go around thinking that kind of thought?] She was very nice,” said Anisa Ahmed, Salim’s neighbor. [And there you have it. The “They’re such nice people” argument. And from a fellow Muslim who obviously hasn’t been taught the true ideology of Islam.]

So, anyway:
3:28—Those who believe should not take unbelievers as their friends . . .
4:94—Believers, when you go abroad to fight in Allah’s Cause, investigate carefully, and say not to anyone who greets you: “You are not a Believer!” Coveting the chance profits of this life (so that you may despoil him). . . .
4:100—. . . When you travel through the earth there is no blame on you if you curtail your worship for fear unbelievers may attack you. [Hide in plain sight.] In truth the disbelievers are your enemies.
4:101—The unbelievers are your inveterate enemy.
4:104—And do not relent in pursuing the enemy.
4:144—O Believers, do not hold unbelievers for friends . . .
9.123—O you who believe, fight those infidels who dwell around you, and let them find harshness in you!

So here we have a woman who hands out the book that has these and many other similar verses slamming around in her head while holding out the hand of fake friendship to those non-Muslims who are near her . . . and the police and press are baffled that she’d actually one day act on the instructions that live in her head?

Salim is accused of stabbing two people. The first victim was a woman who was walking into the library.

“The next thing she knew, she felt a sharp pain in the middle of her back and realized she had been stabbed,” said Stehlik.

The second was a security guard who heard the victim’s cry for help. He went to talk to Salim in the parking lot. “Spoke to her briefly and then she actually stabbed him as well. Stabbed him in the abdomen,” said Stehlik.

Because Salim lived next door to the library, witnesses identified her right away and she was arrested in minutes.”Nobody was worried about her committing a violent act,” said Stehlik.

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed lives next door to Salim and only knows a friendly lady whose kids were friends with her sisters. “She’d greet us every morning and she’d get to know us,” said Ahmed.

Now the question everyone wants answered is why a woman who was not seen as a threat suddenly became violent.

“It’s unusual. Somebody minding their own business, walking into library, it doesn’t happen too often where they become victim of assault like this,” said Stehlik.

[True, but now that it has, you should keep her (and any other Muslim random attack on people) devotion to the Qur’an in mind as a motive . . .]

The victims had minor injuries. Police say they weren’t stabbed with a knife but a sharp, pointy object.

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  1. rb says:

    So, if we were a sane country, we would accept the muzzies’ doctruine, and be prepared for any muzzie, anywhere, to suddenly attack any of us, simply because we are non-muzzie, and that means that we don’t deserve to live! It’s time to start believing them, and act accordingly!!!
    What would happen if we started to kill random muzzies, all over the US?


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