Just what is Congress illegally downloading? Lawmakers apparently have little problem with going where they shouldn’t be going

Gads…what a shock, crooks and thieves in congress trying to pass more laws on WE THE PEOPLE (there are already plenty of laws on the books for intellectual piracy) that THEY DO NOT FEEL THEY NEED TO FOLLOW!

U.S. Capitol

Are members of Congress online pirates, stealing copyrighted material and viewing porn while they are, ironically, working on federal legislation to stop Internet theft of intellectual property?
The answer is yes, according to a report that examines the downloading habits – legal and illegal – of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Online monitors at TorrentFreak researched the surfing habits of lawmakers via YouHaveDownloaded.com in the analysis.

“YouHaveDownloaded is a treasure trove full of incriminating data on alleged BitTorrent pirates in organizations all across the world,” the report states.

The U.S. House was targeted for review since lawmakers are drafting the much-discussed Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, which some fear could be a tool for mass censorship in the name of copyright protection.

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