Another Socialist, Paul Krugman, Revealing Playboy Interview: Supports Occupy Movement, Defends Revolting 9-11 Anniversary Comments

columnist Paul Krugman is widely regarded as something of a “left,” sometimes even some sort of socialist:


The Times’ most reliably conservative-loathing columnist, Paul Krugman, was interviewed for the March issue of Playboy, where he defended Occupy Wall Street (never mind all the crime and arrests), claimed that “environmental regulations could actually be creating jobs right now,” and defended his loathsome blog post from the morning of the 10th anniversary of 9-11.

Sympathetic interviewer Jonathan Tasini didn’t challenge Krugman’s Keynesian premises, though the introduction to the piece hit some of Krugman’s irritating character traits, like his arrogance, while noting the Obama “administration frets about what Krugman says…mainly because his voice is listened to by legions of liberals.” Krugman also indulged in the “broken window fallacy” when he claimed that more environmental regulations could create jobs.

Some highlights:

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