TIME’s Alinsky Attack on Breitbart

If one closely examines Sally Kohn’s weak attempt to smear Andrew Breitbart and his media company, it’s Saul Alinsky, or at least part of what he advocated, in action.

But first, I’m extremely puzzled as to why Sally Kohn would be so foolish as to characterize advocating for a free flow of information as anti-American. All Andrew Breitbart – and now Breitbart Media – is about in taking up the issue of Derrick Bell and his potential influence on Barack Obama, is airing information that Obama and the media admittedly kept from the electorate in 2008.

Unless she’s reading a different Constitution than the one most of us know and love, it would actually be Kohn who is behaving in an anti-American fashion by trying to smear us for doing absolutely nothing more than that. She never does get around to demonstrating how we are allegedly smearing him. She’s merely upset that we are revealing him. Sorry about that.

Breitbart From The Grave
A posthumous smear attempt is what’s anti-American—not the beliefs of Professor Derrick Bell
Now, a few weeks after Andrew Breitbart’s death, bloggers for his site have released a video of that rally that Breitbart was preparing and have written numerous articles arguing that, because Professor Bell highlighted racial injustice in America and advocated for the equal treatment of blacks, he was somehow anti-white and by implication anti-American — the Jeremiah Wright of this election season.
I’m unaware of anything Breitbart has published that claims Bell was “anti-white.” We are exposing his views and his relationship to Barack Obama. We haven’t changed, or distorted Bell in any fashion. What is so wrong in doing that? If they had done their job in 2008, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion now.

Perhaps that we’re also pointing out their shortcomings by doing it is what has them so angry. Now, if Kohn’s reaction is all about our pointing out that Bell saw America as a nation of white supremacy, ala Soledad O’Brien, I’ll defer to Cass Sunstein of the Obama administration on that:

Read more: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/03/10/Sally%20Kohns%20Alinskyite%20Attack%20On%20Breitbart

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