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Remember the disgust we all felt when Rector Ed Bacon of the All Saints Episcopalian Church of Pasadena proudly announced that he was going allow his church to host the 2012 Muslim Public Affairs Council on December 15, 2012? MPAC is Muslim Brotherhood through and through; the MusBro is clearly anti-American. The idea that someone of Ed Bacon’s stature has not the wit to see that, or be concerned that he was possibly leading his own flock into danger struck me, at the least, as particularly inept, if not grounds for removal from his position by the church hierarchy. But alas, he probably IS the church hierarchy.

The following report and videos came from friend “Steve,” who attended. The videos are exclusive from another friend, “Joseph.” I could barely keep my head from exploding when watching the first video, it was so staggeringly full of lies and half-truths and obfuscations. I will leave it to others of you who can tolerate watching more of these than I can.

MPAC 2012 Convention

Pasadena, CA

December 15, 2012

[Setting the scene: The
church is a pretty huge complex, not just a sanctuary. The sanctuary
was large at 6-7,000 sq. ft. The conference room was 4,000 sq. ft. Three
hundred people were in attendance for the first session, which was in
the church’s conference room, and perhaps 500 at the second session,
held in the sanctuary. The banquet was held at the Pasadena Convention
Center; approximately 700 attended that.


“This was
their national annual convention so people from all over the US
attended. There was a mix of all peoples: Black, white, Hispanics,
Asians, etc., probably 50/50 men to women. Women did mingle with the
men. None of us went up stairs for their prayers sessions, so I do not
know if they segregated men from women although I would believe they did
knowing this was an MPAC event.”]

Steve’s report:

To the uninformed individual attending this conference, he/she would have walked away thinking: “Wow, what a wonderful religion. The people are such nice, loving, and caring individuals. How can there be such negative publicity out there against this religion? [Steve: There were many from the All Saints Church attending, so these opening comments were directed at them.]

Rector Ed Bacon of The All Saints Episcopalian Church of Pasadena hosted the MPAC convention. This was the first time ever a Muslim organization has had their convention at a church. And wow, did the Muslims run with that! Rector Bacon made it a point to let everyone know how thrilled he was to be hosting this event at his church. He briefly spoke of the many years of interfaith meetings with the Muslim community he has hosted and all of the work they have done.

The conference started off not with the pledge of allegiance, nor was it recited at any of the sessions. The American flag was not to be seen in any of the meeting rooms at the church. Is this tradition with the Episcopalian faith, or highly encouraged by MPAC? You make that call.

Rector Bacon started the meeting off by stating that many of the emails the church had received [re: this “interfaith” conference from US citizens and around the world] were the most vile he had ever read. Since none of these emails have been published it is impossible to say vile or factual. Judging from what he had to say during an interview at one of the days breaks, I would have to believe the latter. Perhaps a few were vile. I found him to be at the least a very good apologist for the Islamic faith. Paraphrasing one of his statements: “All religions have some bad to them, but we need to focus on the good parts.” [That alone should disqualify him as
rector. How about that Jesus isn’t the Son of God in the Islamic faith?
Would that be good or bad in the rector’s eyes, I wonder?]

The next kumbaya session was hosted by KNBC, Channel 4 reporter Bev White. Dr. Nayyer Ali and Dr. Maher Hathout were at their best. I was not aware, until Dr. Hathout told us, but the reason he came to America was to bring us Islam. He saw the benefits of America having Islam. Paraphrasing him, there are many Muslims and non-Muslims who don’t know Shariah and, “No, we do not want to force Shariah on America.” According to Dr. Ali, the Egyptian constitution does have some flaws.

The next session was hosted by Haris Tarin titled: The ideas shaping the future,” saw the only truthful speaker. Darakshan Raja focused on domestic and female abuse. She stressed the need for Imams and communities to become more active in the prevention of these crimes. Congratulations to Ms. Raja for having the courage to speak out on this topic. I wonder how this sat with Al-Marayati and Dr. Hathout.

Wardah Khalid labeled Pamela Geller’s bus ad as scare tactics and Muslims must get active and get the real word out through the media. She feels the media is doing a good job for the anti-Islam side and that they feel there is anti-Muslim/anti-Islam bias in the media. Surprise to me! I wish the media would print my words as I tell them the facts. It is necessary for Muslims to define their own narrative, don’t let Pamela Geller and Islamophobes do it. According to Khalid, we need “to protect our rights,” whatever that meant.

Needless to say, this convention would not be complete without some praise for Malcolm X. On this day it was Dustin Craun’s duty to let everyone know it was Malcolm X who showed him his way for life. A couple of high school kids were then trotted out onto the stage to talk about the Islamophobia study they did at their school.

Free speech and extremism were dealt with at the last session consisting of a panel of Dr. Bacon, Rabbi Sarah Bassin, Dr. Hathout, and Nirinjan Khalsa. This session was hosted by the outspoken Edina Lekovic. The subjects for this session were free speech and extremism. Some of the responses were:

-all agreed we must have free speech, but you must speak out on that which you do not agree

-if people are connected to God, there is no need to be extreme

-many Muslims and non-Muslims do not know what Shariah is

-Rector Bacon reminded everyone that all religions have some extremists. “Just look outside at the signs these Christians are holding.” (This was in reference to Rubin Israel and a couple of his fellows protesting the conference.) Was Rector Bacon equating a couple of people holding signs to all the atrocities committed each day in the name of Islam? You decide.

The banquet session, also hosted by Edina Lekovic, had keynote speeches by dhimmi Congressman Mike Honda and his female colleague dhimmi Congresswoman Judy Chu. Honda spoke about WWII Japanese internment camps and how that must never happen again to anyone. He took time to bash the Peter King hearings and praise Muslim Congressmen Keith Ellison and Andre Carson. Chu also bashed the Peter King hearings and patted herself on the back for the different minority rights committees she serves on.

And we cannot forget Mr. Salam Al-Marayati [MPAC president]who gave a synopsis on all of the wonderful work MPAC has accomplished during 2012. He let everyone know that it has been very difficult combating all the hate emanating from Pamela Geller and Steven Emerson. According to Salam-the-snake, MPAC takes no foreign money. And on their small annual budget of $1.5 million, it is hard to counter the $40 million budget of the Islamophobes. [!!! Oh, if it were only so.]

Watch the videos for additional specifics.

We asked both Salam and Maher to sign Nonie Darwish’s Freedom Pledge letter. Both refused. Maher said “everyone already knows” how he stands on the issue. Salam said no, “because Nonie has a political agenda.”

I questioned both the Rector and Salam as to why there were no American flags around nor had we started with pledge of allegiance to open the event. Rector Ed told me it is not a normal practice to have the American flag in the church. Salam said it was just an oversight and thanks for bringing it to his attention (yeah, right).


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