John Brennan has converted to Islam


This comes from an email from Chris Holton of the Center for Security Policy and Tom Trento, United West.

Former FBI special agent and Marine officer John Guandolo reports that CIA Director nominee John Brennan converted to Islam while serving in Saudi Arabia years ago.

That’s right: John Brennan, Obama’s senior counterterrorism advisor and nominee for CIA director converted to Islam while serving in an official capacity for the US government in Saudi Arabia. This is a fact that has been concealed up to now.

The fact that he is a Muslim isn’t the issue. The issues are that (i) it has been concealed and (ii) he was evidently “recruited” to [Salafist] Islam by members of the Saudi Arabian government. Not all forms of Islam are equal. Salafi Islam–what we in the West often refer to as Wahhabi Islam–is the most virulent, intolerant form of Sunni Islam extant.

You can view the details in an online in a video interview by Tom Trento of John Guandolo. Fast forward the video to the 11 minute mark and watch until the 52 minute mark:

CIA John Brennan outed as a Muslim 3 Hr Show
CIA John Brennan outed as a Muslim 3 Hr Show

Note that Guandolo, who is a former commander of the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team, also was THE FBI expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and received awards for his work. Recently, none other than John Brennan purged that work from the FBI.

For more information on John Guandolo’s work, visit his web site:

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