CVA Launches New Initiatives

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On Tuesday night, President Obama delivered his fourth official State of the Union Address, giving yet another persuasive political speech. But the substance fell short. America faces fiscal and structural challenges that require serious leadership in pursuit of serious reforms. Unfortunately, the speech did not live up to those challenges. Read more speech analysis here.

Regardless of trends in Washington, the mission of CVA remains the same: educate and empower veterans to fight for freedom and prosperity here at home. We will continue to champion the need for substantive spending reform, pro-growth policies, and smart defense/veterans priorities. We invite you to read a few of our recent op-eds on related topics in TIME Magazine, The Washington Times, and The Daily Caller.

In pursuit of our mission, we recently launched three new initiatives that we want to make sure you’ve seen:


The Morning FRAGO: Staying up-to-date on critical issues has never been easier. CVA’s new morning email-the Morning FRAGO-is a daily aggregation of top stories, articles of interest, CVA media, and the schedule in DC. Sign up here and read previous FRAGO emails here.


The 2013 College Tour Series: Did you know that there are over 800,000 post-9/11 veterans in college today? For this reason, we kicked off our new college series last Friday at the University of Virginia, providing a forum for student veterans to discuss current events, explore policy reforms, and share their concerns. We’ll do dozens more in the coming months. To learn more about this series, please visit infoto suggest your school.


The March to Madness Tournament: Fill out your bracket now, and play along as eight politicians square off against eight media pundits. They will be judged by how often they talk about ke y issues, specifically sequestration, defense spending, entitlement spending, reform, freedom, prosperity, and national security. Each week, CVA will reveal that round’s winners-until we have a Champion for Reform. The best part is, you can participate and the winners receive an official “March to Madness” t-shirt.

Now more than ever, America needs leadership from the President and Congress, real reform of bloated government bureaucracies, and responsible policies that advance the freedom and prosperity we fought for. Join CVA as we fight for freedom and our nation’s future.

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Pete Hegseth
CEO, Concerned Veterans for America
Army Veteran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay
Twitter: @PeteHegseth

Concerned Veterans for America is a nation-wide, non-profit veterans organization established to advocate for policies that will preserve the freedom, liberty, and prosperity that veterans and their families have so proudly fought and sacrificed to defend.


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