Col. Ollie North (Ret): The good news that nobody knows

H/T Wilson: Interesting info from good ol’ Ollie North. Oliver North

By Oliver North

Published November 03, 2014


Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters leave the outskirts of Suruc, Turkey, towards the Turkey-Syria border, on the way to the Syrian city of Kobani, Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. The 10 peshmerga fighters from Iraq who entered the embattled northern Syrian town of Kobani one day earlier returned to Turkey Friday to prepare for their forces’ full deployment, and a senior Kurdish official blamed Ankara for the delay. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

WASHINGTON – There is finally some good news from Iraq that the Obama administration ought to celebrate. Unfortunately, the “O-Team” at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (and their fellow travelers in the so-called mainstream media) appears to be oblivious to what’s really happening “on the ground” in Mesopotamia.

For the potentates of the press, the gruesome struggle for Kobani, just a few hundred yards from the Syria-Turkey border, is all that matters. The “visuals” of less than 200 Iraqi Kurds transiting Turkish territory to reinforce their kinsmen in a desperate house-to-house battle against 5,000 ISIS fighters and the occasional detonation of air-dropped munitions in the frontier city have become “The Story.” According to “Official Spokesmen” and unnamed “Senior Officials” at the White House and the Pentagon, these events are signs of “important progress” in the effort to “destroy ISIS.”

Hogwash. The sanguinary contest in Kobani is a distraction – in military parlance, a diversion – created by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed Sunni “Caliph of the Islamic State” and his military planners – once officers in Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guards. The real fight for the future of the entire region is taking place within the ethnically diverse provinces of Nineveh and Anbar in northern and western Iraq.


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