Disturbing Allegation About Obama Made by Egyptian Liberal News

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by Katie McGuire

Well, even the Muslims declare that the President is heavily involved in the Muslim Brotherhood. Not that anyone should be surprised by that..but still, its a bit creepy to see the President on the front page of a Eqyptian newspaper:

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    Tweets from the Director of Research at the Brookings Center in Doha, Qatar revealed disturbing accusations regarding the Obama family and the president’s life in Indonesia.

    “Newspaper also claims that son of MB leader threatened Obama w- release of ‘papers’ revealing his MB membership,” Shadi Hamid writes, via Al Jazeera.

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    The newspaper not only accuses Obama of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but it also claims that the president’s half-brother Malik is an al-Qaeda activist.

    Jonathan Spyer, senior researcher at the Global Research in International Affairs Center, told TheBlaze that the Egyptian newspaper Al-Wafd alleges that Barack Obama originally embraced the Muslim Brotherhood while living…

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