Seattle Pizza Employee Was Super Excited About The Minimum Wage Increase, Until He Lost His Job

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Cities like San Francisco and Seattle are in the process of implementing their new minimum wage hikes. And while the hikes are gradual, some businesses are calling it quits early. Others are trying to figure out other ways to sustain themselves and cover the extra costs.

As we told you yesterday, even some proponents of the minimum wage hikes are left scratching their heads. San Franciscan business owner Brian Hibbs initially thought the minimum wage hikes were a good thing. Now, he realizes that his business would have to generate nearly $80,000 more a year to cover the costs. He’s a progressive but believes that the free market could offer a better solution.

Similarly, pizza shop employee in Seattle, Devin Jeran, was excited about his guaranteed pay raise. But his bigger checks will come to an end in August. His boss is now forced to close down her shop…

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