Obama Just Gave Race Rioters Across America This $163 Million Reward

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The two things that Obama loves most about being president is power and spending as much of our hard-earned tax dollars however he pleases. Now, he is using the violent Baltimore and Ferguson riots for even more spending, and to spread his control across the country even further.

Instead of blaming the looters in Ferguson and Baltimore for their own despicable actions, Obama has blamed the U.S. police themselves. A few weeks ago, he slammed American cops on national television when he said they “target poor, African Americans.” Now, Obama has announced that he will basically offer the rioters a reward for all the chaos they have caused.

While speaking in Camden, New Jersey, Obama announced that he will be spending a whopping $163 million on hiring people to organize communities and build trust between individuals and police. This is part of his six-part plan to build trust between “communities…

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