Why is the FBI Sending Agents Door-to-Door to Ask Coloradoans About Jade Helm?

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Why is the FBI going around door-to-door asking people about the military’s Jade Helm exercises? That is what Colorado resident James Casale wants to know.

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If you are unaware of the US government’s Jade Helm exercise, it has alarmed citizens throughout the south west.

The exercise is supposed to be a training exercise for members of various “elite branches” of the US military, but many feel it is really a way to train the military to attack our own citizens.

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Now comes the FBI likely looking to infidels to arrest…

Casale was startled by the whole thing. Here is what he wrote as a little background on the day he made the video recording.

Three minutes before they knocked. I totally thought my brother was knocking and messing with me. When I got to the door I seen their badges. They said, “Just here as a…

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